Adam T. Geller

PhD Student, Unversity of British Columbia


Ph.D. @ UBC Ongoing

M.Sc. @ UBC 2020

B.Sc. @ UW 2018

I am a PhD Student in the Software Practices Lab at UBC, supervised by William J. Bowman. My research focuses on doing compiler optimizations safely. My interests include the theory and practice of types and compilers, especially problems related to practical type preservation. I also have experience working on program verification projects, which is something I enjoy.

Outside of grad school, I referee fencing on the US and Canadian national circuits (I also fence, but not nationally). I have a cat, Socrates. I enjoy cooking and baking, when I have time/energy. My time is often wasted watching various sports, TV shows, and movies.



  1. Indexed Types for a Statically Safe WebAssembly
    Adam T. Geller, Justin Frank, and William J. Bowman
    To appear at POPL 2024. More details to come. Principles of Programming Lanuages (POPL), 2024